Ten Mile Riding Club

These are basic guide lines for the committee chairperson

Auction Committee:  An annual event. We sell tack, camping gear, and other useful items commission.  The outside chairperson organizes all arena help, has trailers to store sold items in, flatbed trailer to sell from, check-in consigned items, arrange for auctioneers, clerk, advertising, posters, handouts, etc.
The inside chairperson arranges for and oversees all office help. Sees that money and sales tickets balance and makes sure plenty of office supplies are available. . Inside help gives out bidding numbers and post sold items.

Christmas Party: Even year is adult only, Odd year is family. The chairperson starts getting the helpers together and making plans starting in September. Where, when, food selection, decorations, Santa (optional), games, raffle, music, etc.

Cook Shack: Usually open at least 3 events (Field Meet, Horse Show and Tack Auction) in addition to Fun Nights. Other times if agreed to and manned. Workers work shifts (usually 2 hours), clean up/opening, lunch, and clean up/closing. Chairperson handles inventory control, purchases food and supplies, schedules, and makes sure restrooms are clean and supplied.

Easter Egg Hunt: Held Saturday before Easter. Chairperson plans the day, which includes hunt (plastic eggs w/ candy) by the very small children followed by a hunt (plastic eggs w/ prize descriptions inside) by everyone on horseback. Prizes are given out for finding “Special Eggs.” A potluck follows.

Fall or Spring Field Meet: Events open to all members and non-members. Another fundraiser for the club. The committee decides games, charges participants per game/per day, prizes, and rules. Chairperson sets meeting with committee and together they decide the specifics of who can and will take care of what including: advertising, sign-ups, judges, game rules, prizes, announcers, etc.

Fun Nights: Committee plans the games, sets up and takes down the timers, keeps the batteries charged, provides arena crew, ring judge, announcer, and hands out candy bars to winning participants.  Chairperson delegates responsibilities to members.

Grounds/Maintenance Committee: Committee and sub-committees established for the purpose of initiating and accomplishing specific projects as set forth by the membership. A committee listing will include a listing of members who are willing to donate time and/or equipment to help maintain TMRC grounds. The committee should organize clean-up days and volunteer efforts. The committee can be broken into sub-committees that are in charge of such items as sprinkler, outhouse and clubhouse maintenance, weed and gopher control, and arena conditions.

Idaho State Horse Show: TMRC sponsors an Idaho State Horse Show approved event. Committee members help with planning and keep the show running through the event day.

Newcomers Orientation: This committee puts together 1 or 2 events per year where they invite new club members to join them at the clubhouse for a cookout and learning about all of things that TMRC has to offer.

Nomination Committee: Committee members recruit other members to run for club offices including: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director. Nominations for the upcoming year are announced at the November meeting.

Parades: Chairperson provides parade information including location, staging area, parking times, etc.  They assure the club is entered and keep track of all tack.

Pie Committee: Need to bring a homemade pie whenever the cook shack is open for a fundraiser

Punch and Cookies: Need to sign up for a monthly meeting to bring punch and cookies for the membership to share

Spook Trail: A trail course event designed around Halloween time for fun and entertainment. In charge of purchasing and organizing.

Trail Challenge:  Committee members will be expected to help with preparation of the trail course before the event as well as the day of the event.

Trail Rides: Committee responsible for setting up both day ride and overnight camping opportunities for the club. Committee provides all dates, times, maps and other area information to club. There is at least one overnight campout per year and some years two or three. How many, where and when is decided by the committee. Saturday evenings there is a potluck dinner and on Sunday morning the club provides breakfast with the men doing the cooking.